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Gift ideas for your camper crazy friends

Gift Ideas for Campervan Crazy loved ones

It’s such a dilemma when buying a gift for someone who owns a campervan or motorhome. We are always searching for the perfect present and no matter how long you spend trawling the net you still have no idea of how well it will be received. we do have one solid bit of advice on this matter which is that motorhome owners just love gadgets!

On the road: tips for beginners

The first holiday in your new motorhome or campervan is coming up and the excitement is almost too much to bear. Keep the experience stress free and extremely enjoyable by following AnchorPoint and Burstner’s top camping tips. No unexpected surprises, just sheer campervan enjoyment and motorhome bliss.

Campervan Cuisine Cookbooks

Campervan Cuisine Cookbooks worth considering

There are many cookbooks out there, but as you may already be aware, cooking in a campervan is a whole new experience, with limited space, storage and cooking facilities. Choose from these 3 camping cuisine books and gone are the days of beans on toast. For two ring campervan cooking and BBQ recipes that are both nutritious and bursting with flavour, here are or top picks. 

Motorhome Covers

Motorhome Covers

It’s not surprising that we are often asked about motorhome covers, especially as we approach winter. What a lot of people don’t realise, is that overtime an inferior grade motorhome cover can cause more damage than no cover at all. There are several reasons for this and it's all to do with the material used and the making of the covers. 

Motorhome awning Care

Motorhome Awning Care

An awning is a fantastic accessory to have in any motorhome, it can be used all year round for weather protection from the searing sun to pelting rain. In addition to acting as a protective barrier it defines your outside space and ultimately allows you to spend more time outdoors with the added benefit of protecting your interior from damaging sun rays and providing extra shade.

Winterise your motorhome

Winterize your motorhome - a guide by Richard Ferris

Is your motorhome prepared for winter? Good drain down is essential for motorhomes during the winter months to avoid freezing water causing irreversible damage through bursting water pipes, tanks etc. So just a few minutes of your time now could save you thousands of euros. This article is put together by Richard Ferris and is based on the experiences of hundreds of motorhomers over many years.

Top tips for washing your motorhome

Top Tips when washing your motorhome

Part of the joy of owning your own motorhome involves a little TLC from time to time.  If your motorhome or campervan is laid up for a while, there tends to be a build-up of deposits from environmental surroundings.  

Information on DOE regulations for motorhomes

DOE Regulations

The department of Transport introduced DOE Testing of all motorhomes in Ireland. The RSA have advised that there is a legal requirement for all motorhomes to undergo DOE testing after their fourth birthday.

Motor tax and Insurance for motorhomes and campervans

Motor Tax & Insurance for motorhomes

Ireland has the lowest rate of Motorhome Road Tax in Europe at €102. The cost of keeping a motorhome on the road is very economical with comprehensive insurance at equally great value rates.

Motorhome upholstery stain removal

Upholstery Stain Removal

Many uphostery fabrics are treated with a stain protection coating but are still subjected to daily living, which means they can still get dirty. Usually if you tend to a spillage straight away, it's a simple matter of wiping the area clean. However, some spills may need particular attention.

motorhome drive away checklist

Drive Away Checklist!

Because simple errors like leaving a vent open when driving off in your motorhome can be very costly, we have put together a pre journey checklist, so you can be confident that you have covered the basic essentials when driving off.

Motorhome tyre care

Motorhome Tyre Care

Because motorhomes generally clock up less mileage than most cars, many motorhome owners believe that their tyres are in good condition, due to the fact they may have only used their motorhome for a few weeks over the course of the year.


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