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On the road: tips for beginners

The first holiday in your new motorhome or campervan is coming up and the excitement is almost too much to bear. Keep the experience stress free and extremely enjoyable by following AnchorPoint and Burstner’s top camping tips. No unexpected surprises, just sheer campervan enjoyment and motorhome bliss.

Tip! If it’s your very first trip, taking your motorhome for a test drive is always advisable, even if it’s just a trip to the supermarket to begin with. This will help you become familiar with driving a larger vehicle because the braking distance, tail swing and turning circle are different to a car. There is no need to book a ferry just yet, we recommend staying local while you get to know your motorhome and establish a good motorhome holiday routine. 


Planning your route

With the World on your doorstep it's a simple matter of planning – where to next? No matter where you decide to go, always make a note of the height and width of your vehicle to prevent getting stuck in an underpass, bridge or tunnel. Research the route you are taking in advance so that you don’t end up in very narrow or impassable roadways. When planning your route, do not plan journeys that are too long or too close together to avoid getting tired and always book a campsite in advance to be sure you have a space when you arrive!

It's not always a good idea to over rely on the navigation system, look up the route beforehand for guidance. Small alleys and non paved ways are not a good idea especially for beginners. Always have some coins or your credit card prepared for toll roads. And be careful: in some countries its compulsory by law to have replacement bulbs with you. 

Vehicle check

If you do not have a crash sensor gas system, be sure to shut off the gas supply before you drive away. This is to ensure there is no open gas supply in the unlikely event of an accident. Check battery, oil level, tire and air pressure are the standards before a trip and make sure all habitation windows and vents are closed. Have all your loose items secured and all doors (especially the fridge) and cabinets shut. For a camping trip it’s also advisable to check the level of the gas bottle and faucet pump. Very importantly: clean the water tank before you leave. Always ensure your step is retracted, and the electrical mains connection is plugged out before detaching it from the motorhome socket. We've all been there and it happens to the best of us, but if you are keen to avoid classic rookie mistakes, see our before you drive away checklist and you'll be campervaning like a pro in no time. 

Pack correctly

Avoid packing heavy items where possible and stick to the lighter objects – try to be ruthless. Keep an eye on the total permissible weight to not overstep it. Therefore, pack economically and buy groceries locally. Remember every extra kilogram is costing you more on fuel. Check out AnchorPoint Motorhomes camping checklist so you don’t forget anything important.

Helpful things for the campsite

A tub for washing the dishes, rubber gloves for the cleansing of the toilet, a multi tool and duct tape for small repairs should always be in the standard luggage. In any case most of the time you’ll have some nice neighbours that are willing to help you. 


Saving tips:

  • Pack less and fill the water tank only 1/3. The lighter the vehicle, the more fuel efficient it is.
  • Use Camping-Cards: The discount cards from various suppliers allow discounted prices at participating campsites. The ACSI Camping Card offers great value and is very popular among our customers.
  • Drive fuel-efficiently: Avoid frequent braking and acceleration and keep the engine in the low speed range.
  • Groceries shopping: Shopping on the campsite is easy but most of the time expensive. Food is cheaper in local supermarkets.

And last but not least it’s time to let the adventure begin. Enjoy making memories of a lifetime and don’t forget that help is at hand. Just contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 061 379903. You can also find on at AnchorPoint Motorhomes, Shannonside Business Park, Birdhill, Co. Tipperary V9 4VY98 - we look forward to hearing from you! 



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