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Motorhome Covers

Advice when buying a motorhome cover

It’s not surprising that we are often asked about motorhome covers, especially as we approach winter. What a lot of people don’t realise, is that overtime an inferior grade motorhome cover can cause more damage than no cover at all. There are several reasons for this and it's all to do with the material used and the making of the covers. 

Rather than protect your motorhome, covers that are not highly breathable add to the likelihood of internal condensation which can encourage mould and mildew growth with the additional possibility of potential rust problems.

To cover or not to cover?

Having a cover does protect your motorhome from UV rays, rain, snow, dust, bird droppings, tree sap and other elements. Therefore, if you do want a cover that will keep your motorhome in top condition, the reality is you may need to spend quite a bit more than you originally anticipated. We have put together a few pointers on what qualities to look for in a decent cover and why these are so important.

What to look for when choosing a Motorhome Cover

  1. Ensure the cover is made of highly breathable water-resistant fabric to avoid water becoming trapped underneath and causing mould, rust and mildew to form while your motorhome is in storage. A good cover will consist of several layers with breathable membranes, waterproofing and inner soft layer.
  2. Opt for a reputable dealer that specialises in high quality motorhome covers, some manufacturers will even be able to provide you with a cover that is custom sized to suit your particular make and model of motorhome which includes habitation door access whilst also accommodating for extra fittings such as bike racks, satellite domes etc. In fact a lot of our customers already use a company called Protec and we consider these to be among the best available. 
  3. Check that the fabric used is zero abrasive. Some manufacturers offer additional protection for windows so that they do not get scratched. If the cover is of a good enough quality, you should not have to worry about scratching of any sort.  
  4. Check the aftersales service and warranty conditions that come with the product. This is a good indicator on how confident a supplier is of their product.

Storing your motorhome

If you don’t want to invest in a cover right now, here are some important considerations. You MUST have adequate ventilation wherever you store your motorhome. If you happen to have a suit­able barn or other similar sized outbuilding this would be fine provided there is good ventilation and no vermin problem in the building. Other­wise an extra-large carport is the ideal solution: this provides weather protection but also allows full ventilation. Lastly, if it has to be left out in the open, it should be parked in such a way that the roof will drain of water. Even on flat ground this is easily achieved by the use of the site lev­ellers, but it will still need regular cleaning and airing.

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