The ACSI have introduced a new scaled down edition of their camping guide which covers Britain, Ireland, France, Spain & Portugal. This differs from the original all Europe edition, in that it includes a more comprehensive list of sites (2300) in five different countries, in particular for Ireland and the UK. However not all sites are in the discount card system, so it’s important to note this.

The all Europe ACSI Camping Guide, includes a total of (3330) sites in 21 Countries, with 2067 sites within France, Spain, Italy and Portugal combined. The remaining 1263 campsites are spread among, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, the UK and Ireland.

Long term customers of the ACSI Guide, Richard and Sandra Ferris have done their homework and compared the all Europe ASCI camping guide to the scaled down version. We cannot think of anyone more qualified to give their expert and honest opinion and here is what they have to say!


“As long time enthusiasts of the ACSI Discount Camping Guide we were interested to get a copy of the NEW scaled down guide you gave us and, SURPRISE!  We think that this is easily the most useful edition for people like us who rarely go beyond UK, France, Spain & Ireland.  In spite of initial scepticism, we PREFER it to the all Europe edition!

It has maps for all the areas it covers at the back so there's no separate map book to have to find.

The numbering system makes this guide much easier to use.

It has a huge number of Irish and UK sites which are ACSI inspected although NOT in the discount card system, so you probably don't need to buy any other guide. These weren't included before, and all have full details, including GPS location. There's a little CC symbol in a BLUE box at the top right hand corner for each site that IS in the discount system.

This is a guide that every motorhome can benefit from having, including the 'stay at homes' and it has UK information not easily available in a printed guide form from anyone else!             

Sandra says that “for people like us who rarely go beyond UK, France, Spain & Ireland this is the BEST guide to have.” She PREFERS it to the all Europe edition!   

DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED if you want to travel the most popular areas for Irish motorhomers.”


For motorhome owners who like to venture further a field and want to visit more unusual terrain, the All Europe edition provides you with more options in terms of the number of European destinations, but with a more narrowed down listing of campsites.

If you want to get your hands on either of these ASCI guides, contact us on 061 379903. AnchorPoint Motorhomes, or simply drop in and collect as we have them in stock here at our premises.

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