Upholstery Stain Removal

Many uphostery fabrics are treated with a stain protection coating but are still subjected to daily living, which means they can still get dirty. Usually if you tend to a spillage straight away, it's a simple matter of wiping the area clean. However, some spills may need particular attention.

Using the right method, is very important for different scenarios, so we have put together a care instruction guide for you:

General stains

Used cold distilled water for general stains such as egg, marmalade, or chocolate.

Beverages (beer, wine, coffee, coke, juice)

Treat immediately, do not allow to dry in, dab away the spillage and it you may need to treat after with luke warm distilled water and natural soap solution.


Foodstuff (butter, cream, ketchup, chocolate) and stubborn stains (pencils, perfume, mustard, oil and grease and shoe cream)
Treat using commercially available stain remover.

Candle Wax

Do not use an iron! Carefully break apart and lift off. Treat using commercially available stain remover.

Chewing Gum

Use commercially available ice spray - wait until the gum hardens then brush off.