Drive Away Checklist!

Because simple errors like leaving a vent open when driving off in your motorhome can be very costly, we have put together a pre journey checklist, so you can be confident that you have covered the basic essentials when driving off.

The single largest source of insurance claims is failure to retract the motorhome entrance step, with serious consequences for pedestrians other vehicles. Leaving skylights open can lead to damaged skylights, we have even heard of birds smashing into open vents while in transit. We hope the following 10 simple steps, for hassle free motorhoming, allowing you to get the most out of your recreational time.

  1. Close all Window and vents - make sure to check the entrance door window is the in the fully secure position.
  2. Disconnect mains cable. Wipe and store!
  3. Remove and store levelling blocks
  4. Ensure all internal items are safely packed and storage securely closed
  5. Lock fridge door and select 12-volt position
  6. Shut off gas supply
  7. Lock all external lockers and doors
  8. Retract step and check rear-view is OK
  9. Make sure all passengers have seats secured
  10. Pull away a few yards and stop to check that nothing has been left behind.

We hope you get plenty of runs in your motorhome and that this checklist comes in handy. Happy camping!