DOE Regulations

The department of Transport introduced DOE Testing of all motorhomes in Ireland. The RSA have advised that there is a legal requirement for all motorhomes to undergo DOE testing after their fourth birthday.

The regulations allow for a test every second year until the 10th year when it becomes an annual test. To make a booking with your local DOE Centre go to Motor caravans that weigh 3,500 kg or less need an LGV (light goods vehicle) test. And motor caravans that weigh more than 3,500 kg need an HGV (heavy goods vehicles) test. Even if you don't use your motor home commercially and if it's taxed privately, it still needs a Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness test, not an NCT. (Motohomes over 3.5 tonnes and Tag axles generally cost more, so you should check costs with your chosen centre before proceeding.) To get a better idea of costs see prices below taken from the DOE website.

Vehicle Type Fee Ex VAT Fee Inc VAT@23%
Motor caravans with two axles Full Test fee €76.86
Re Test fee €35.43
Full Test fee €93.16
Re Test fee €43.58
Motor caravans with three or more axles Full Test fee €94.58
Re Test fee €44.29
Full Test fee €114.95
Re Test fee €54.48

Upon passing the DOE, you should be issued a CRW (Certificiate of Road Worthiness – when it arrives check that it has been issued with the correct expiry date!) Take the following steps to prep for success:

  1. The DOE test examines all aspects of a vehicle's performance, in particular the suspension, brakes and emissions system. Make sure your campervan is mechanically sound before booking your test.
  2. Total weight and axle loadings are checked, so ensure to empty all the contents of your motorhome including the water tank and personal belongings.
  3. A clean and empty motorhome is more likely to create a favourable impression, however this is not mandatory.