Motorhome Guide to Leitrim

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Lovely Leitrim can often be forgotten as a travel destination, but it's an absolute haven for motorhome owners looking for an adventure. Don't just take our word for it, read on and see for yourself.  It's full of surprises from rugged mountains and majestic lakes including 2.4 miles of coastline with historical landmarks positioned along the shannon banks.  

Every inch of its magnificent coastline is overlooked by the Arroo Mountain, where you can easily recharge amidst the wild beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. Eagles rock is a geological marvel on Glendale Valley’s highest edge with stunning surrounding landscapes with secret caves that emerged from icy wastelands and tropical seas. You may decide to explore the River Shannon from one of the fun trails along the Shannon Blueway. You'll also find the cascading waterfalls of Fowley’s Falls, Glencar and Pól an Eas extraordinarily invigorating. Angling is a big deal in Leitrim, so if you love fishing, check out our links section for more details. 

From authentic rural Irish villages to the busy county town of Carrick on Shannon – with its variety of shops, restaurants, cafés, lively music scene and beautiful theatre – there really is a lovely blend of traditional and modern Ireland to be found in Leitrim.

Click on the image below to open our two page motorhome guide of Leitrim with directions and useful website links, so you can get the most out of your next trip.


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