New Driving Limits in France

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If travelling to France in your motorhome, be sure to take note that the driving limits have changed effective as of 1st July 2018. 

There is a NEW 80kph speed limit on all French roads that were 90kph, and this restriction also applies to dual carriageways where there is no central barrier.  This is an important change for Irish drivers to be aware of in France.

Motorhome speed limits on motorways which are signed at 110kph are 100kph for motorhomes and on Peage motorways (French Toll Motorways) where there is a 130kph limit signed, this allows motorhomes to do 110kph.  

So far as we can discover there is no alteration on a weight basis. (i.e. over/under 3.50 tonnes, but camper vans may have a white van ruling applied on the motorways.)


This information is provided to keep you informed to the best of our knowledge at this given point in time and may be subject to change. We hope this comes in useful and saves you from hefty, on the spot fines from the French authorities.