Richard & Sandra back on the Continent and the importance of awning care

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Richard and Sandra Ferris are an absolute inspiration with a great zest for living life to the full. Here they are living the dream after a long awaited trip to the Continent just this summer. Richard shares much appreciated words of wisdom on the importance of awning care according to his own experience.


"It started with this fancy new camping mat which was a Christmas present we gave ourselves to replace the one we'd had for more than 25 years but was stolen on a camp site. They're great to keep the sand and other debris out of the van when the occasion demands but this was its first outing in the nearly two seasons since Covid travel restrictions began.

So out it went followed by the awning. This hadn't had an outing in nearly two years either, and surprise, the end joints of the awning legs and the leg extensions were all well frozen in place.

The cure was in a good soaking with WD40 and a certain amount of 'carefully administered' brute force, but everything needed to be eased out of its sleeping position, cleaned and relubricated. Glad to report that all is now well but the lesson is not to ignore your awning maintenance just because you haven't seen enough sun to make it worth getting out. A little regular cleaning and lubrication can go a long way.

In this picture we rolled out our awning half way as we were going to be leaving shortly - we always put the legs in place when fully extending the awning. "   

We always love Richard's tips and advice on campervan life. Don't forget, help is always at hand here at Anchor Point Motorhomes, so if you have any questions, call us on 353 (0)61 379903 or pop in to see us. A warm welcome awaits!