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What to look for when Buying a Second Hand Motorhome

What to look for when buying a second hand campervan
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If you are on the lookout for a second-hand motorhome, then we have some very useful tips to share. Preloved motorhomes are a fantastic option especially for first time buyers. With so much to consider, we help identify what’s important so you can pick the perfect motorhome and start “Living the Dream”.


Motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes, but all second-hand motorhomes have one thing in common. They hold their value much better than cars and depreciate less as they age. If you are on a tight budget, we suggest that your minimum spend should be at least €20,000. If you go through a reputable dealer, this will get you a motorhome covered by warranty, fully inspected, fit for purpose and in full working order. At the upper end of the budget scale, you may opt for a 1 year old motorhome, practically span new with the latest innovations still under manufacturer’s warranty at a reduced price, plus there is a good chance that it comes with extra accessories such as bike racks and aerials already fitted. Somewhere in the middle is always a very viable option and in recent years we have even seen campers hold their value.  


Burstner 590 front lounge layout with rear kitchen and washroom (2-4 berth)

How many of you are there?

Choosing the right layout, is one of the most ‘if not THE MOST’ important considerations when purchasing a motorhome. The first thing you need to consider as a potential motorhome owner is the number of people you will need to accommodate.

How many people will realistically use the motorhome 80% to 90% of the time. It's very important to keep this in mind during your search and we strongly advise that you stick to it.  If there are only two of you, this will help you avoid falling into the trap of purchasing a five or six berth motorhome with a layout that is completely wrong for you.

For couples 2, 3 or 4 berths are a good choice and the definitive decider when choosing a layout will be the number of seatbelts you require. If you are a family of seven, it’s very important to find a motorhome with 7 factory fitted seatbelts. If you have fewer children, then you have more choice in layouts, however the age of the children should be considered. The older they are the greater the need for privacy and often, bunk bed layouts can be a good choice. One last tip, it’s always good to choose a layout with a useable living area while the children are in bed as it offers more flexibility to the adults for downtime.

layouts to consider when buying a motorhome

Burstner lounge layout in the Benimar 282 with drop down bed overhead (4 berth)

Beds & Layout

The following link covers the more common motorhome layouts which gives a good overview of the different bed configurations including, low fixed beds, high fixed beds, lounge layouts and more. It's strongly advisable to have an up close and personal inspection of the different layouts to ensure that you have considered all your options before making a final decision. You can always drop into us here at Anchor Point Motorhomes for sound honest advice, we will gladly point you in the right direction. After all it’s a big investment and getting it right is in your long-term interest.

Tips when buying a second hand motorhome - common layouts

What to look out for when buying a Second hand Motorhome or Campervan?

When we are looking at a trade in from the perspective of selling it on as a second hand motorhome, we take every necessary precaution and perform a thorough inspection. Here are the main factors we consider:   

  • Structure – is the motorhome in solid condition, we make sure to check floors and ceilings. A spongy feel on the floor could mean delamination so a thorough inspection is carried out.  Damp is the biggest concern when buying a used motorhome and over time, if not dealt with, it can weaken the structure of a motorhome and cause all sorts of headaches with costly repairs.  Watch out for stickers applied in unusual places to make sure they are not hiding something sinister.
  • Vehicle history are very important checks against stolen or insurance write offs.  It's standard procedure that the motorhome and chassis VIN numbers need to be checked against the certs of conformity and Log books. We are in the fortunate position to have insider knowledge on most of the campers we sell, on the basis that the majority of them are trade ins from existing customers trading up. It's always comforting for prospective first time buyers to know the history behind their purchase.
  • Engine and Cab Checks are an essential part of inspecting a used motorhome before accepting it in as stock and this work is carried out by an experienced professional.
  • All appliances such as cookers, heating and electrical devices should be in good working order including the plumbing. If the motorhome has a 3way fridge it should work on battery, gas and mains. We perform all these checks and ensure that the camper is fully functional and operational before putting it up for sale.
  • If purchasing a van conversion, check that it has paperwork to verify that it’s in accordance with the International gas installation standard IS EN 1949. The IS EN 1949 is an international standard for the installation of gas in campervans & caravans. All gas fitted campervans, motorhomes and caravans must adhere to this standard. However many non factory converted vans on the market are unregulated DIY jobs with home gas installations for hobs, heating and fridges, and this can seriously compromise your safety, so proceed with caution. This is why we are extremely fussy about the calibre of second hand van conversions we accept into stock for selling on. We only accept factory fitted conversions or campers that have been converted by a reputable and professional fitting service. 
  • Tyre Condition – Second hand motorhome tyres have less wear and tear due to less mileage, therefore can look absolutely perfect to the naked eye with an excellent thread count.  Motorhome tyres bear weights of approximately 2-3 tonne for a sustained period of time are prone to dry out and crack over the different seasons, in fact, tyres over 4 years old are obsolete and not fit for purpose, therefore it’s important to know when they were last changed. 

Why buy from Anchor Point Motorhomes?

Warranty – You can rest assured that you are purchasing a reliable motorhome with serviced engine and habitation in full working order from top to bottom and covered under warranty.
New Tyres – We make sure every second hand motorhome is carefully inspected and has a set of quality roadworthy tyres. If not, we simply fit a brand new set of tyres to guarantee your safety.
Damp Checks – We know where to look and what to look for. Vigorous damp checking is performed, we check walls, floors, ceilings and behind presses and with a damp metre particularly anywhere there is a seam or joining so you will be buying a van that is structurally sound and won’t have to fork out thousands on delamination, sagging floors or structural repairs.
Leisure Batteries – We place a new leisure battery in every second-hand motorhome we sell.
Peace of Mind – drive away with peace of mind, knowing that we have your back. Just pick up the phone if you have any problems and we will be there for you with a dependable back up service.
The full run through - We always take good care to go through how everything works in your motorhome, before you drive away. If you have any questions after you leave, we are only a phone call away.
After Sales Support - Once you take that leap and start living the dream, here at Anchor Point Motorhomes everybody is guaranteed a five-star service, so rest assured that you are in safe hands with a ‘no problem’ dependable backup service. We look forward to looking after you.  

If you decide to buy privately, we strongly encourage to look out for all the bulleted items above. If you prefer to purchase from a trusted source such as Anchor Point Motorhomes, check out our Preloved motorhomes or drop into our showrooms at Anchor Point Motorhomes, Birdhill, Co, Tipperary, Ireland. Find us on Google maps and feel free to contact us on +353 (0)61 379903 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  A warm welcome awaits!



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