The New Motorhome - First Road Trip

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After collecting our brand new Majestic 175 motorhome and going through the collection process we prepared to embark of our first road trip. Even though we have been motorhoming for almost 30 years, this was our second ever brand new motorhome purchase. With some slight trepidation, it was time to put our investment to the test. We headed off to a campsite in south west of Ireland. Read on to see how it all unfolded.

With our newly purchased van home at last, we spent three days finding places for all the equipment that came out of our previous, much larger motorhome. Surprisingly nearly everything has fitted in, although of course clothing, fresh food, bed clothes, reading material plus a host of extras, some of which I was hoping we might have forgotten, will ensure we’re as near the borderline with maximum weight considerations as always! Yes, one of the many attractions of this 3500kg (standard car licence) motorhome is its 650kg load carrying capacity, but my better half is a great packer and never ‘wastes a space’.

So now a week later we have hopes of two days of improved weather and decided this would be a good moment to try a January trip with an overnight stop. After all there’s nothing like starting out with a genuinely cold night, and as it turned out it was!

This motorhome uses two of the smaller 6kg Butane tanks; a distinct advantage for us because I can still lift these into position. In our previous vans we have usually used less than half of one of the 11kg tanks in a month abroad during spring and autumn, so there should still be plenty of reserve capacity available. With everything ready for the road the last addition from the AnchorPoint team was the addition of one of their very smart new badges to the rear – the symbol of a quality motorhome with a very complete professional service and, may I observe, a huge improvement on the rather crude stickers seen on some vans!

So we come to the handover point. Even though I already have a considerable knowledge of this model, this is where I have to remember to ask all the right questions.

We had intended to try out a campsite we’ve never used before which advertised it was open all year. However on arrival not only was there nobody there but more importantly a trench and a large mound of soil had been dug across the site entrance, so we departed! Travelling over the Vee for some beautiful mountain scenery and a lunch break shared with some interested sheep.

Eventually we headed for Wexford and another ‘open all year’ campsite.

The nicely located Ferrybank campsite really is open all year. A very helpful lady at the adjoining swimming pool reception took just €20 from us including an electrical connection and providing us with free WiFi access as well. (Like the majority of Irish campsites they don’t include free showers, which having paid to access a campsite in order to be able to use its facilities, always aggravates me. So roll on the warmer months, when we plan to be in France and Spain where there is no such problem!) In every other respect this is an above average campsite, even if some of the locals use it as a dog walking area. They don’t always seem to bother about keeping their dogs under ‘effective control’ or cleaning up after them! The night we were there was unlike the picture, very quiet with just one other motorhome on site, but with a very friendly couple also trying out winter time touring.

As a celebration of our first night in the new van we started with a special dinner. After all we were meant to be trying all the facilities of our best ever kitchen. So we cooked filet steak on the hob with large mushrooms and onion rings baked in the oven, and ‘baked potatoes’ done in the microwave. The results were delicious and ALL the cooking facilities worked perfectly, although this new grill is much more efficient than those in any of our previous vans, so I have to admit that the apple pie for afters was somewhat overdone – we had to scrape off some of the top which the dog appreciated!

Then we got the laptop fired up, using the Wexford Ferrybank’s free WiFi system. Once I’d managed to work out the ‘how to’ this gave us all our usual satellite stations: small screen, but otherwise perfectly adequate.

By bedtime it was nearly down to freezing, so I thought we might need a trickle of heat on during the night, but at 2.00am it became obvious that this wasn’t necessary so I got up and turned it off. (The grade 3 insulation really works!) We slept soundly until nearly 7.00am when both the water and space heating went on and we made our usual early morning cuppa.

We both tried out the new on-board washroom which includes a full sized domestic shower compartment with all the usual facilities in a very spacious wardrobe and dressing area.

I can confirm that for space, convenience and comfort, this full width room and indeed this motorhome, is easily the best we’ve ever had! So yes, if you’re looking for a genuine 2 berth spacious motorhome in a slimline body with nearly every conceivable extra, that is a pleasure both to drive and to use, the Majestic 175 is in a league of its own. It’s easily the best in this category and incredible value for money too!

If you’re thinking of buying a motorhome for the first time and would like to use some of my nearly 30 year’s experience, I’d be delighted to talk you through all you should know before you actually spend a penny. I’m usually available at AnchorPoint Motorhomes on Saturday afternoons or at other times by appointment. This is an unpaid voluntary process for me, so I promise no hard sell, no pressure and no obligation. Should you eventually want to buy, I’ll introduce you to the "head cook and bottle washer". He will personally look after you once you make a decision, right through to probably the best warranty and after sales service in Ireland. To arrange an appointment, contact Anchorpoint motorhomes on +353 61 379903.