Our New Motorhome - Collection Time

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For seasoned motorhome owner Richard Ferris who has been motorhoming for almost 30 years with his wife Sandra, it was really important to get it right when choosing their next motorhome. After all it will be used extensively in both Ireland and on the Continent. With careful consideration and haven chosen a brand new model best suited to the couples needs, Richard shares his charming narrative account of the next most important step in the purchase process - Collection!

I’ve put my money where my mouth was!

Yes, I’m buying a new motorhome.

It’s strictly a 2 berth, Low Profile Majestic 175 on a Peugeot 160 bhp engine with a motorhome specific chassis. It’s a 6 speed with cruise control and an unbelievably long list of extras included as standard. This will be our sixth motorhome in nearly 30 years. But it’s only the second brand new one, and possibly due to advancing years, our last.

Although already loaded with extras, we still had our own list of things to add. This included a TV with DVD player. (The Majestic comes pre-wired and with directional aerial.) We also wanted a grab handle at the habitation door and a rubbish bin attached to the same door, plus some extra 230v sockets, some extra fridge shelves, an external gas BBQ point and of course gas tanks.

This motorhome uses two of the smaller 6kg Butane tanks; a distinct advantage for us because I can still lift these into position. In our previous vans we have usually used less than half of one of the 11kg tanks in a month abroad during spring and autumn, so there should still be plenty of reserve capacity available. With everything ready for the road the last addition from the AnchorPoint team was the addition of one of their very smart new badges to the rear – the symbol of a quality motorhome with a very complete professional service and, may I observe, a huge improvement on the rather crude stickers seen on some vans!

So we come to the handover point. Even though I already have a considerable knowledge of this model, this is where I have to remember to ask all the right questions.

Asking the right questions.

  1. Do I know how to turn the new (to me) gas system on and off?
  2. Where are the filler and emptying points for the water tanks?
  3. Where is the drain point and low temperature reset valve for the water heating system?
  4. Have I looked under the bonnet to know where everything is? This must include the batteries and the fuse system which reminds me to ask what spare fuses do I need to carry?
  5. I will need to learn how to operate the electronic services on the dashboard including the radio – we had one van where I could never manage to turn OFF the radio! Most importantly, I must ensure that my controlling half, the navigator, has a separate briefing on how to programme the Sat Nav system or I shall be in serious trouble next time we get lost abroad!
  6. I mustn’t forget to check the operation of the TV controller and using the DVD player – someone has given us the complete box set for Downton Abbey, something I thought I’d managed to miss!
  7. What are the recommended tyre pressures and where is the spare wheel located? Is there an adequate jack etc., available?
  8. Check that all the keys work in their appropriate locks and that all the locker doors and skylight/roof hatches are fully operational – I know two locks need oil and there are new skylight mechanisms I’ve never seen or used before.

Well for the most part it was very straightforward, but I missed the question of the fuses so will have to check that out for myself. Operating the TV system is a touch more complex as we intend to link the TV to a laptop. For just €14.95 per month, with some additional know how, this allows you to get full TV coverage of Freeview plus, anywhere in Europe that you can get an internet connection. This has been a desirable option ever since the satellite system coverage was reduced, and it’s probably only a matter of time before the satellite aerial installations on motorhomes become obsolete. I have to add that the picture quality of the new set on Saorview is incredible while all the extra attachments allow not only DVD, but I’m told that with a 64Mgb memory stick you can pre-programme more than 30 films of your own choosing to play directly through the T

Getting the motorhome prepared for our fist trip is next on our agenda. Even though we have upgraded to a new motorhome we have also downsized to a more compact model. If you would like to know how it all went please read my blog on the new motorhomes first road trip to see how it all went. Alternatively if you have any questions about the model we purchased or would like to speak with someone about picking the right motorhome layout, contact AnchorPoint Motorhomes on +353 61 379903.