Insider Tips on Buying a New Motorhome

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Thinking of purchasing a New Motorhome?
For the motorhome enthusiast who loves to live life to the full, a brand new motorhome provides the ultimate in touring comfort with the latest technological advances and stylish design, however there are also many other good reasons to choose new.

 These include:

  • Excellent warranties on both the base vehicle and habitation area
  • Comprehensive Dealer support and maintenance
  • The latest engine and safety technology
  • Greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions
  • Modern construction and latest innovations
  • Hand picking a layout ideally suited to your needs

With so many different brands on the market at different levels of the quality spectrum it is important to know what you are getting for your investment. For this reason, we highly recommend that you do some in-depth research before you buy. To help you along the way, we have identified some key considerations before making your decision.

Here at Anchor Point Motorhomes, we have always taken extreme care to supply brands that represent quality and exceptional industry know how. In operation since 1999, we sell a range of very established brands including Burstner, reknowned German motorhome manufacturers in production over 30 years. Benimar, who produced its first motorhome almost 40 years ago, with full scale production over the past 32 years. Legendary Westfalia for quality without compromise in the premium van conversion sector for over 60 years and Rangder, an entry level factory van conversion enhanced for the UK and Irish market. This level of expertise and experience makes a huge difference in terms of quality of construction, fittings, layouts, specification and after sales service as described below.


The type of materials used in motorhomes can have a significant impact on durability, safety, insulation levels, payload and water resistance. Modern day motorhome construction is moving toward 99% and 100% Wood-Free construction methods, where walls, floor and roof are constructed with high density XPS materials, extremely durable, lightweight, effective at insulating. You will find that reputable manufacturers with quality motorhomes are offering from 5 to 10 year water ingress warranty subject the owner undergoing an annual water ingress check. 



When looking at different motorhomes, always check that fittings and installations are from a reputable supplier, in particular with regard to the plumbing and heating systems. You know you are in safe hands if a Truma heating system is factory installed. All our motorhome manufacturers only source from the very best of suppliers, so expect to see the latest of installations from proven suppliers with an excellent aftersales backup service.


Because choosing the right layout, is one of the most ‘if not THE MOST’ important considerations when purchasing a motorhome, we put our knowledge and experience to work on your behalf, helping you choose a motorhome that matches your needs, budget and lifestyle.  With a huge variety of new motorhomes in stock with different layouts including L-lounges, french beds, island beds, open plan and even the latest rear lounge/dropdown bed configurations, its is strongly recommended that you speak with an expert in the field who can take all your requirements into consideration and point you toward a layout that meets your specific lifestyle requirements and be confident in making the correct choice. 

Attention to detail

Manufactures who take pride in what they do endeavour to enhance the touring experience, safety and comfort for the user. Burstner excel in this area and attribute their success to their corporate vision of clever design, quality, skilled personnel and visionary thinkers. Pioneers in motorhome manufacturing, Burstner are constantly refining their design, adhering to ergonomic design principles, which optimise the working and living environment for ease of use, comfort and sense of wellbeing to the user.  It’s the small things that make a big difference, such as the fitting of 5 zone quality mattresses and careful selection of a high quality slatted base, installation of carefully chosen windows and frames to reduce road noise, choice of wide framed chassis for enhanced driving comfort, contemporary styling and silent heating systems for a restful night across the entire range. Westfalia is an iconic brand that specialises in quality without compromise in the premium van conversion sector - iconic campervans which are built to last with legendary status.


While price is a very important part of the purchase, the bottom price doesn’t always reflect value for money. When buying a new motorhome it’s always worth considering what extras come as standard. For example most of our Benimar motorhomes come with a very comprehensive specification with full NCC safety standard approval, and the world of extras including: Reversing Camera, Cruise Control, Solar Panel, Tracking system, External shower point, External gas point, Leather steering and gear stick, 16 Inch alloys, Spare wheel, Remis blinds, Touch screen DAB Radio and Microwave. This is also true of Burstner's City Car (van conversion type) campervans which are of a superior motorhome finish at a very competitive price when you weigh up your options. 

After Sales Service

When driving away in your new motorhomes, it’s very important that you are in safe hands in terms of a strong dependable after sales service. Your warranty will cover both the engine and habitation area. A good dealership will have a team of experienced technicians, to deal with any possible issues or queries you have regarding the operation, heating, fittings and appliances. Here at Anchor Point Motorhomes we always carry a stock of common spare parts, for the brands we supply, so we are ready to deliver a 5 star backup service when and if required.

We hope you find this advice useful, rest assured when you buy a new motorhome from Anchor Point that it is of modern construction with quality fittings and installations, features the latest advances in engine technology and motorhome design with a ‘no problem’ dependable backup service. As always, we are here to help and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Drop into AnchorPoint Motorhomes, or call us on +353 (0)61 379903. A warm welcome awaits!