Mobilvetta Making Waves on Irish Shores

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Just 12 months ago the Mobilvetta had no presence in the UK and in just one more year, it claims to become Britain’s bestselling A-class brand. In the meantime the Mobilvetta K-Yacht range of motorhomes has paved its way to Irish Shores.


The Mobilvetta was selected by Out and About Live as one of the top 10 must see motorhomes for the NEC motorhome show in 2017 and to date has received exceptional consumer interest with a magnificent positive response. It was also the vehicle of choice in the popular Channel 5 series “Celebrity 5 go Motorhoming”. Aside from unique maritime styling with a contemporary edge, what exactly is it about the Mobilvetta K-Yacht range that has gripped the hearts and imagination of motorhome enthusiasts in the UK and Ireland? We take a deeper look at the fascinating story behind Mobilvetta’s origins, in an effort to establish just what it is about Mobilvetta that makes it stand out among other A/Class motorhomes in the market.


The Mobilvetta Story!

Established in the sixties as a furniture manufacturer with a profoundly innovative know how for its time, Mobilvetta evolved to produce recreational vehicles as a fully functional “travelling Home” rather than a furnished van. Artisan quality craftsmen designed and produced functional and innovative motorhomes, where ongoing research and development, careful selection of materials and extreme attention to detail, inspired cutting edge design, combined with the best of “made in Italy” materials, producing a very distinctive motorhome. 

Italian Design!

Extra attention to detail is evident in design in features such as aluminium taps, high gloss furniture finishes with contemporary aluminium trim. Refined luxury throughout, light stone integrated counter tops moulded into a continuous surface. The hob is Stainless steel and highly resistant to corrosion, while aluminium profiles are fitted inside cupboard doors for greater stability to the structure as a whole. 

The V Concept

The essence of excellent design in the detail. Mobilvetta designers embraced this philosophy when they incorporated the “V Concept” a distinguishing feature of the elegant Mobilvetta brand a very distinctive external finish with tremendous attention to detail. The result is a very seductive motorhome with a practical and functional layout. 

A World of Extras

For the gadget lover, Mobilvetta is jammed packed with very clever practical extras including central locking for all doors, touch screen control panel, USB charging points. The double function windscreen with solar protection in summer and frost protection in winter achieves optimum comfort no matter how extreme the environment. The central heating system control board features a boost function for both a fast water and environment heating with Timer Heat regulator. Even the under floor heating is self-regulating. All models come fully equipped with the powerful Fiat Euro 6 150bhp with a cab air conditioning, cruise control, solar panel, Drivers pack; ESP inc. traction control plus, hill hold assist and hill descent control and high level DAB radio, rear view observation camera and satellite navigation system, TV aerial and much more.

All you need is a Drivers License

Not only that, it is available on the light chassis so it can be driven on a standard car license.

The Mobilvetta K-Yacht motorhome range really is a thing of beauty. Drop into AnchorPoint Motorhomes (exclusive Mobilvetta agents in Ireland) for a first hand inspection at our showrooms, or call us on +353 (0)61 379903. We look forward to seeing you!