Camper Cuisine - Curried Chicken

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This aromatic chicken curry recipe is quick and easy to prepare and won't smell out your motorhome. Turn this into a very special treat with a few simple touches that will make all the difference by serving with rice, pan fried poppadoms, fresh banana & mango chutney.  

Curry never gets boring is full of flavour and is said to boost your mood, what a great way to end a busy day. Passed onto us by Richard Ferris, a close friend of Anchor Point Motorhomes and experienced motorhome owner for over 30 years, we hope you pick up a few handy tips and enjoy this recipe. 

Ingredients (Serves 4)
Your favourite homemade curry sauce 
4 breasts of chicken
4 poppadoms
Fresh bannanas
Mango Chutney

Tin foil for cooking

Cooking Instructions
1. Combine your own favourite homemade curry sauce, either freshly cooked outside the van (or taken from the freezer) with pieces of freshly cooked chicken, mix together and wrap in tinfoil parcels. 
2. Reheat the parcels on the BBQ over a gentle heat setting.
3. Toss in some chopped coriander when cooked and serve with rice of your choice.
4. Serve up with pan fried poppadoms, fresh banana slices and mango chutney to turn this dish into a special treat. 
5. To make it much easier you can use a bought curry sauce which keeps the smell contained unitl the last minute and which doesn't take up valuable freezer space.

Bon Apetite!