Motorhome Checks – Habitation, Water Ingress

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A motorhome habitation check helps to keep your motorhome in its best possible condition. Our checks also include a series of safety checks.

It is generally advised to have a habitation check carried out on your motorhome every 12 months and we do recommended this as best practice.

Habitation Checks

Anchor Point Motorhomes offer a comprehensive habitation check which is incredibly extensive, including gas leak checks carried out by RGII certified engineers with the option of including a damp check and an Alde heating system service. The standard habitation check includes exterior check, habitation check, water system and appliances.

If a habitation check detects a fault and a repair is necessary, our experts always notify you first and ask if you would like the additional work carried out.

Water Ingress Inspection

In order to maintain your motorhome's water ingress warranty, you must satisfy the requirements of the vehicle's manufacturer in order to qualify. The water ingress inspection is very important, as early detection of possible ingress helps eliminate potential problems and ensures your vehicle is kept in good condition. Similar to habitation, water Ingress inspection is recommended every year. The water ingress check is an extensive inspection of motorhome entrance, inside wall including floor connections, wheelhouse, roof sections and connection points for drivers cab. External inspection of edging and seals, connecting points with drivers cab and under floor is also carried out.